The Z4X Long Term Trading System

I bring you a System that you can safely and Profitably trade on a longer Term such as the 4Hr and the Daily Time Frames. It is ideal for those who are busy in their business or jobs. All they need is only 15 minutes to set a Trade and then Monitor once every 4 Hr or Once a day.

Have a look below at the Performance of 5 Forex Pairs on both the 4Hr and the Daily Time Frames:

Check the Performance of the 4Hr Time Frame Trading:
AUD/USD (4Hr)       EUR/USD (4Hr)       GBP/USD (4Hr)       EUR/JPY (4Hr)       GBP/JPY (4Hr)      

Check the Performance of the Daily Time Frame Trading:
AUD/USD (1D)        EUR/USD (1D)        GBP/USD (1D)        EUR/JPY (1D)        GBP/JPY (1D)      

Check out the DAILY PERFORMANCE here since the 8th of October 2013

I am writing a Short Manual and I am also going to explain with the help of the charts in Webinars on Saturdays. You can attend as many Webinar as you may wish. You will also receive unlimited Life Time Support through emails and Skype chats.

From time to time I shall be updating and improving the System therefore it is very important to stay in contact with me. As and when there is an Update I shall inform you.

Another advantage of using a Long Term Trading Strategy is that you keep your emotions away as you are not constantly watching your screen. You just come in once every 4 hours and watch what the Market is doing. If necessary then you may take action such as moving your Stop to Breakeven or taking Profit or Reversing your Trade.

Why you were attracted to trading in the first place; was it to sit in front of your computer for hours and hours watching your Screen? The power of higher time frames in forex lies in their ability to provide a “Set and Forget” style of trading. This allows you to have more time and also will almost invariably make your trading more accurate because you will not be meddling around with your trades. It is a well known fact that traders who enter multiple positions per day or “day traders” are less profitable on average than Longer-Term traders. The reason is because the more time you spend looking at your charts while you have a position open, the greater chance you have of making an emotional trading mistake. such as moving your stop loss further away or your profit target, or maybe manually closing out a trade that looks like it’s going against you only to then watch it take off in your favor without you on board.

Higher Time Frames drastically increase Trading Success. Lower time Frames have a lot of Noise hence too many False Signals. To avoid the Noise and Trade with a Peace of Mind you need to look at the 4Hr Trading. This will save you time too.

I will also allocate 2 hours of time on Skype or the Meeting Room so that you may come in as a Member of Z4X System and ask any question you may have.

Why Trading The Daily Charts Will Improve Your Trading Results

  • Because you will not be over trading
  • You will not waste your time Over-Analysing the Markets
  • Your Emotional Stress will diminish.
  • Easy to follow and catch Big Trends.
  • You will have time to make the correct decisions.
  • The Market doesn't move erratically
  • There will be fewer Signals but they will be Accurate
  • Once you catch a Trend, it will go on and on for quite a few days making you Loads of Money.

Buy With Confidence. Moderately Priced at £197.00 with Lifetime Free Support.